Sunday, April 13, 2014

"YES! Something fun to do for Spring Break." Part 2--Goblin Valley

The storm cells moving across Goblin Valley kicked up red sand that got in our eyes and teeth, but the photos were worth it. We love Goblin Valley because you can run all over everything there. It is a wonderful, bizarre place.

On the Hwy 6 between I-70 and Price headed north

Saturday, April 12, 2014

"YES! Something fun to do for spring break." Part 1--USU Eastern Prehistoric Museum

We've visited the College of Eastern Utah's Dinosaur museum in Price, UT, which we do everytime we head south to Moab or Goblin Valley. Today we headed to Goblin Valley with only one out of six children. Daniel was still a willing participant. Next time the girls are going. I'll put my foot down and I have a long foot. Here are the photos from the museum.

Yup, a live alligator.

Fossilized tracks

Gaint Utah Clam


USU Eastern Prehistoric Museum